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Case Study Number 16 – Nose enhancement

Septorhinoplasty case study by dr. Tas
Septorhinoplasty case study by dr. Tas
Case study number 16 - nose enhancement
Case study number 16 - nose enhancement

Patient: 20 years old female from KSA

Procedures Performed:


Patient Concerns:

Breathing problem at night


A combined surgical procedure known as septorhinoplasty addresses both functional and aesthetic issues with the nose. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Suleyman Tas does it.

Closed rhinoplasty, a less invasive procedure that leaves no visible scars, was performed by Dr. Tas. He creates a nose that blends in with the patient’s facial features naturally using a range of cutting-edge surgical procedures.

Many different diseases can be treated with a stent implant, such as:

  • Deviated septum: An uneven nasal septum, consisting of the bone and cartilage dividing the nose into two chambers, is known as a deviated septum. Breathing difficulties, snoring, and other issues may result from this.
  • Functional issues: Other functional issues with the nose, like a collapsed nasal valve or a restricted nasal airway, can also be resolved with a septorhinoplasty.
  • Cosmetic issues: Septorhinoplasty can also be used to change the contour of the nose, straighten a crooked nose, or reduce the size of an enormous nose.

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