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A procedure that corrects defects and deformities of the upper and/or lower eyelids and modifies the eye region via removing excess skin, muscle and fat, also known as eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid) procedures can improve indications of aging and give more rested, youthful and softer appearance. Upper and lower eyelid surgery can be performed alone or together depending on the patient’s needs.


This procedure is performed to remove excess skin or drooping skin that have formed around the upper eyelids due to aging and gravity.

Excess skin on the upper eyelid also may block the patient’s vision. This can be treated with right intervention.

The first signs of aging can be seen around the eyes. The skin of the eyelid is the thinnest skin of the body and since this skin is very mobile because of the muscles attached to it, wrinkles and hanging starts to be seen on this skin.

Crow’s feet is a good example of this deformity. Eye bagging occurs with a slightly different mechanism. This situation occurs when the muscles supporting eyelids are weaken. There is no supporting muscles at the edge of eyes and nose, so tear trough occurs when they go down in-line with gravity. The stance of the eye, which is higher than the inner part of the eye, comes down with aging and gives a sad and tired appearance.
As a first stage if crow’s feet is seen on the patient, this can be treated with just botox treatment. But if the bagging is started, these bags should be removed with an incision made inside or outside of the eyelid which is called lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Due to fix tear trough fat injection can be applied and the treatment can be finalized with removing excess skins. The side of the eye below is fixed by hanging up with the procedures called canthopexy or kantoplasty.
The bruises on the lower eyelid are slightly different. This situation can be even seen in young patients and the reason for this situation is due to structural factors. As it is known, fatigue, stress, low quality life are not such reasons.
The skin of the lower eyelid is the most thin skin of our body as mentioned before. For this reason, bruises on the lower eyelid occurs when the small blood vessels, or capillaries, beneath the skin break, blood leaks into the surrounding tissue. This situation can also be addressed by various treatments. The most commonly used treatments are lipofilling, peeling, dermabrasion, and laser applications. After detailed examination with plastic surgeon, patients can use a handheld roller-device covered in microneedles, such as derma roller, several times a week at home to address this problem. This treatment can provide collagen synthesis and thickening of the skin in the lower eyelid.

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