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BBL in Turkey



BBL in Turkey

The BBL surgery, which has become quite popular in recent times, is one of the most frequently chosen cosmetic surgery operations by many people. Contrary to what is believed, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, applied from an aesthetic point of view, is a quite easy and hassle-free operation.

Associate Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAŞ’s experience in Brazilian Butt Lift operations helps his patients achieve the appearance of their dreams. Thus, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAŞ has successfully performed many BBL procedures.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift? How is it Done?

The BBL surgery Turkey, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift operation, is very popular today. This highly sought-after procedure involves an elective surgical procedure where a certain amount of fat tissues taken from the patient’s abdomen or waist area is injected into the buttock area (usually ranging between 800 and 1500 ml on average. This amount of fat varies from person to person).

During the BBL aesthetic procedure, the fats taken from the body are injected into the buttock line with the help of a syringe. However, before injecting body fats, they are diluted with special techniques to be more effective when injected into the buttocks. This stage is also called “fat hydraulic transfer”.

In the stage of fat hydraulic transfer, instead of directly injecting the fat into the skin, it is injected into a large cannula connected to a fat transfer pump. This allows the fat tissues to root in the buttocks, making them more permanent.

What is brazilian butt lift?

Types of BBL Surgery in Turkey, Istanbul

There are different types of BBL aesthetic practices implemented in Turkey. These variations are divided into four categories. These methods, divided into four categories, are determined according to the examinations made by the BBL surgeon and the person’s requests. The types of BBL in Turkey are as follows:

Types of bbl surgery in turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift Techniques in Turkey

When it comes to BBL techniques in Turkey, it is seen that many techniques are implemented. These methods are carried out according to the person’s body structure, and their wants and needs. If we were to talk about BBL techniques in Turkey, these methods are divided into three. The mentioned methods are as follows;


Generally, sagging can occur in the buttock line due to weight gain or loss or genetic factors. This appearance causes the buttock appearance to look lower than usual. Because of this appearance, individuals apply for gluteoplasty (buttock lift) surgery. In accordance with these procedures, not only is the sagging of the buttock line corrected, but also excess fats are removed with the liposuction method, and the large buttock appearance is restored to its ideal appearance. Therefore, gluteoplasty method is quite an easy and quick operation.

Gluteal Implant

This is a cosmetic procedure that is usually preferred by individuals who complain about a small buttock appearance. In this cosmetic procedure, medical implants are placed between the gluteus maximus and medius muscles in the gluteal region or behind these muscles. The medical implants placed are quite durable and do not burst in any way. That’s why it’s highly preferred by patients.

Gluteal Fat Injection

The procedure known as the classic Brazilian butt lift, gluteal fat injection, is a risk-free and easy cosmetic procedure. This procedure, performed under general anesthesia, lasts an average of 2-3 hours and is performed with the person’s own body fats. Therefore, it has the characteristic of being a healthier and more natural procedure. During this procedure, between 40% and 50% of the injected fats are absorbed by the body.

Thus, from the 6th month onwards, the injected fats become permanent and integrate with the body. The only thing to remember here is that fat absorption varies according to the person’s body structure. Therefore, if it is thought to be absorbed too much by the body, gluteal fat injection can be applied again after 1-2 years.

Brazilian butt lift techniques in turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Process in Turkey, Istanbul

Contrary to popular belief, BBL surgery in Turkey is quite effortless and fast. Brazilian butt lift in Turkey consists of 5 effective and simple steps. These;
Brazilian butt lift (bbl) process in turkey

Initial Consultation

The first step in the Brazilian buttock lift operation, the initial consultation, is a very important step. In this step, the patient has a preliminary interview with the bbl surgeon in Turkey.During this preliminary interview process, the patient’s complaints and expectations from the BBL application are listened to in detail and analyzed. At the same time, the patient’s buttock line is examined in detail, an appropriate buttock image is planned and an operation plan is prepared accordingly.

Preliminary Preparations

The procedure known as the classic Brazilian butt lift in turkey, namely gluteal fat injection, is a risk-free and easy aesthetic procedure. This

preliminary preparations, primarily, a number of tests are performed on the patient. These tests are carried out to predict the situations the patient may experience during the operation. These tests are generally; blood test, urine test, and local anesthesia tests. After the tests, the operation preparations are completed by considering the patient’s general condition.

First Steps

In accordance with the completed preliminary preparations, the first steps are taken for the BBL surgery. For this, general anesthesia is applied to the patient. A certain amount of fat is taken from the patient who is under the effect of general anesthesia, depending on the BBL technique to be applied. This fat taken is diluted to be compatible with the patient’s buttock area. During the dilution process, along with the patient’s body fat, the patient’s blood (platelet-rich plasma (PRP)) and special solutions are mixed and injected into the patient’s buttock area. This the BBL surgery Turkey procedure is completed in a short time.

Step by Step to Healing

Brazilian Butt Lift İn Turkey Shapes

Upper Buttock Lift

It is a bbl shape based on the upper part of the hip. In this view, the butt appearance is corrected by removing excess tissue from the lower part of the buttock. Thanks to the upper buttock lift process, the upper part of the butt looks more lifted and voluminous. Upper Buttock lift is the most invasive method in Turkey.

Lower Buttock Lift

Lower butt lift surgery is used where less sagging is experienced. In the lower bbl procedure, excess tissue from the lower part of the hip is surgically removed to achieve a more natural appearance. Also in Turkey, the upper hip lift is used for a more natural-looking hip.

Butterfly Buttock Lift

The butterfly buttock lift procedure takes its name from the technique of the surgery. In Butterfly BBL, incisions are made from the top to the side, like butterfly wings, starting from the middle of the buttock. In Turkey, the Butterfly buttock process is preferred for more tightening instead of butt lifting.

Lateral Buttock Lift

It is an approach generally used for moderate sagging. In this procedure, incisions are made on the outside of the hip. It is applied to people who do not have traumatic prolapse. Lateral hip lift in Turkey is a very simple and fast procedure.

Are You a Good Candidate For BBL?

Saggy or disproportionate buttock appearance can cause aesthetic concerns for an individual.Therefore, to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for the BBL surgery in Turkey procedure, it would be more appropriate to answer the following questions.

  • Does a saggy and disproportionate buttock line appearance make you feel bad?
  • Does the small appearance of the buttock cause aesthetic concerns?
  • Do you like the appearance of a rounder and upright buttock?

If your answer to two out of three questions is “yes”, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for BBL aesthetics. If you want to get more detailed and comprehensive information about the Brazilian buttock lift application, you can contact us to find out whether you are the right candidate for BBL.

Are you a good candidate for bbl?

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Don't Worry! Everything You Want to Know About Brazilian BBL Surgery Turkey

Larger buttock appearance

I want to have a larger buttock appearance, but I don’t want to undergo a difficult surgery like buttock implants.

Buttock implant surgery is a bit more challenging process due to the placement of implants into the buttock muscles, in terms of both recovery and surgical process. For this reason, BBL aesthetics is an easier operation. Therefore, you can prefer BBL aesthetics, which is less troublesome, instead of buttock implant surgery.

Bbl surgery for thin

I am worried that I am not suitable for BBL surgery because I am thin.

Even if you are thin, you don’t have to worry. Because you do not need to be overweight to have a Brazilian buttock lift operation. During the initial consultation, your doctor can determine the most suitable area from your body to remove fat, and can then perform the fat removal process and BBL application.

Standart bbl in turkey

I want to slim down, but I don’t want my buttocks to get smaller. I don’t know what I need to do for this.

The best solution for this is definitely BBL surgery. With BBL application, you can get rid of excess fat in your body and at the same time prevent your buttocks from getting smaller. Because when BBL application is performed, the fats in your body are used. In the meantime, since fat is taken from your body, your body slims down but your buttocks do not shrink.

Bbl surgery in turkey

I’m afraid that gaining and losing weight will affect the BBL result.

Gaining and losing weight can affect the BBL result. But you don’t need to worry about this. By paying attention to the diet recommended by your doctor, you can prevent the problem of gaining and losing weight. Thus, your BBL result is not affected.

Brazilian butt lift surgery in turkey

My buttock size is not small, but it looks very saggy and this situation bothers me.

You can get rid of the saggy buttock appearance without changing the buttock size. The best option for this is BBL application. With the BBL procedure, you can have a more upright buttock appearance.

Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift Considerations

From the moment you decide on Brazilian butt lift surgery, there are many important points to consider. All these points you pay attention to ensure the surgery process goes smoothly, and also allows you to have a faster recovery process after the procedure. Therefore, you should always pay attention to what your BBL surgeon says.

Before BBL Surgery Considerations

There are many things you should pay attention to before the BBL procedure. These ensure that you are fully prepared for the surgery. Therefore, you should take the following warnings into account.

  • The first thing you need to do about the BBL procedure is to be psychologically ready for this procedure. Therefore, you should definitely have a preliminary consultation with your doctor about your wishes to ensure that there is no question mark in your mind about the procedure. This step allows you to be more psychologically prepared for the procedure.
  • You should definitely quit smoking 24 hours before the procedure, and also stop alcohol intake one week before the BBL application. This ensures a more correct and healthy blood flow during the surgery process.
  • Before the Brazilian butt lift operation, you should stop taking medications that cause the blood to thin more, under the supervision of your doctor.
  • If you have chronological diseases that may cause complications during the application, you must definitely inform your doctor before the procedure.
  • You should definitely stop consuming caffeine 24 hours before the surgery. This ensures the operation progresses successfully.
    You should definitely stop eating 8 hours before.
Before bbl surgery considerations
After bbl surgery considerations

After BBL Surgery Considerations

There are many points to consider in the process after the BBL surgery. Because this way, you can experience a faster recovery process, and the post-operative scars heal faster.

  • Be careful about taking a shower after BBL aesthetic procedures. Try to avoid taking a shower in the first 3 days after the procedure.
  • After the procedure, try to wear the corset recommended by your surgeon. Because the corset helps the injected fat to spread better in the body. Thus, your buttock line takes shape faster and easier.
  • Sensitivity and minor pain after the application is normal. Therefore, take the painkillers given by your doctor regularly without wasting time.
  • After the buttock aesthetics procedure, you should avoid long walks and heavy exercises.

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Brazillian Butt Lift Turkey Prices

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) cost in Turkey procedures is quite affordable. One of the primary reasons for this affordability is the significant support provided by the Turkish Ministry of Health to aesthetic clinics, which helps make BBL procedures more cost-effective. Furthermore, the advantageous exchange rate position of Turkey compared to other countries contributes to more favorable pricing for BBL surgeries.

When we examine the prices for BBL procedures in Istanbul, we find that they are about one third of the prices in other cities. Istanbul, with its advantageous BBL prices, offers easy accessibility in terms of transport. In addition, BBL procedures in Istanbul’s aesthetic clinics are performed by expert and professional doctors. It’s possible to achieve accurate and flawless results with BBL procedures performed under high hygiene standards.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Prices in Turkey

BBL in Turkey Cost  £3,500 – £5,500 
BBL in UK Cost  £5,000 –£6,800 
BBL in Europe Cost  €5,900 – €7,400 
BBL in USA Cost $8,000 -$10,000

Best BBL Surgeon in Turkey

Every year, many tourists come to Turkey for aesthetic operations. More than half of these tourists visit for BBL procedures. Therefore, there are numerous surgeons in Turkey who are well-experienced in conducting BBL surgeries correctly.

To choose the best BBL surgeon in Turkey, you definitely need to conduct detailed research. While doing this research, you should consider several metrics. For instance, pay attention to whether your BBL surgeon has participated in many talks and studies both domestically and internationally. Then, the surgeon should be a member of important associations abroad. These associations constantly discuss new studies about the BBL procedure. Thus, you can understand whether your doctor is up to date with the latest information. Finally, when choosing the best BBL surgeon in Turkey, you should definitely pay attention to whether they have received numerous awards in their field and if they have any published works related to their area of expertise.

You can have a preliminary consultation with one of Turkey’s best BBL surgeons, Süleyman Taş, to achieve flawless results in your BBL operation.

Patient Satisfaction Reviews

FAQ About Brazilian Butt Lift İn Turkey

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?
Also known as BBL aesthetic procedure, butt lift is one of the popular cosmetic surgeries. Generally applied to the hip area, the BBL procedure makes the butt appear more lifted and rounded.
How to Sit After Butt Augmentation?
After a butt augmentation surgery, great care should be taken while sitting. This is because applying pressure to the buttocks can cause deformities. Therefore, the desired results cannot be achieved. After a butt augmentation surgery, you can sit or lay safely using the pillows provided by your doctor.
How Long Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Take?
The duration of the Brazilian butt lift procedure varies depending on the individual’s body structure, usually between 2 to 4 hours.
Is BBL Procedure Permanent?
The BBL aesthetic procedure is a quite permanent method. As it is a procedure performed directly with the fat in the individual’s body, it provides a lifetime permanence.
Is Brazilian Buttock Lift Safe in Turkey?
The BBL procedure is safe in Turkey. There are many experienced surgeons in Turkey who perform the BBL procedure, and these surgeons carry out the procedures in a professional manner.
How Long Do I Need to Stay in Turkey for the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?
The duration of stay in Turkey after the Brazilian butt lift procedure varies from person to person. This process occurs depending on the person’s body structure. However, to specify an average stay in Turkey after BBL, 1 week is an ideal period.
When Can I Return to My Daily Life After the Procedure?
Returning to daily life after the BBL procedure varies depending on the patient. However, if complete recovery is desired, this period varies between 6-8 weeks.
What Type of Anesthesia is Applied in BBL Surgery Procedure?
General anesthesia is usually applied in BBL procedures.
Will There Be Visible Scars After the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?
After the BBL procedure, surgical scars without depth can be seen. However, these scars can disappear quickly with regular care and attention.
Faq about brazilian butt lift
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