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Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

Arm lift in turkey


Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey

The sagging arm appearance that many people experience nowadays can cause aesthetic concerns. For this reason, those who face this issue often opt for arm lift surgery. As an expert in this field, this procedure allows patients to instantly achieve a firmer and more toned look for their arms, along with a speedy recovery process.

In this content I have written, I have provided all the detailed information about the arm lift procedure. Consequently, you will have no remaining questions regarding the arm lift surgery.

What is Brachioplasty? How is it performed?

The brachioplasty procedure, also known as an arm lift operation, has become a popular choice for many individuals in recent times. This procedure offers a fit and natural appearance to the arms, which impresses many. It is typically chosen due to aging, weight loss, or post-pregnancy changes. The brachioplasty operation is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the extent of the sagging skin.

Before the brachioplasty procedure, the patient is administered general anesthesia, and the operation begins. During the procedure, the marked excess skin in the patient’s arm area is removed through incisions. Excess skin may also be excised during this process. After the removal of the excess skin, a skin tightening procedure is performed to make the skin appear more taut and firm.

Following the skin tightening procedure, medical sutures are used to close the incision areas on the arms. As a result, visible suture marks may be observed in the patient’s arm area. Finally, the overall recovery and healing time for the patient typically last up to one week.

What is brachioplasty?

Types of Arm Lift in Turkey

Arm lift surgery is divided into different types in Turkey. Types of arm stretching are divided into 3 in themselves. These types are determined in accordance with the examinations made by the surgeons and the wishes of the person. Types of Brachioplasty in Turkey are as follows;


Extended Arm Lift Surgery

Brachioplasty Techniques in Turkey

Brachioplasty is performed in Turkey using various techniques. These techniques are divided into four categories based on the method of execution. These methods are performed according to the needs and desires of the individual. The following techniques can be listed:

Extended Arm Lift

Extended arm lift surgery is a procedure performed due to excess fat and skin in the arm area, usually on patients who are overweight. Since general anesthesia is administered during this procedure, the patient does not experience any pain or discomfort. However, since there is a significant amount of excess fat and skin in extended arm lift surgery, the incision process will be longer, resulting in a more noticeable scar.

Liposuction Arm Lift

This method is preferred by many individuals and is usually performed under local anesthesia. During the surgery, a thin cannula is inserted into the patient’s arm area, and excess fat is suctioned out through this cannula. This allows the patient to achieve a tighter arm appearance. Liposuction arm lift is an invasive method and provides a quick recovery guarantee.

Endoscopic Arm Lift

This procedure is an advanced arm lift technique. In endoscopic arm lift, small incisions are made, and a thin camera called an endoscope is inserted into the patient’s arm area, allowing for better observation of the tissues. The muscles and skin tissues on the inner part of the arm can be easily tightened. This procedure is generally ideal for mild to moderate arm sagging.

Classic Arm Lift

Classic arm stretching is one of the most preferred arm stretching techniques today. In this technique, the places where the excess skins will be taken are determined and the excess fat and skins are removed with the help of bustrial. If there are loose muscle tissues after the skins are removed, these areas are tightened with special suture techniques. Thus, a more tense appearance is obtained.


Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery Process in Turkey, Istanbul

The process of arm lift surgery in Turkey is a fast and effortless procedure that provides highly professional results. Brachioplasty, which is known for delivering excellent outcomes, consists of 5 effective and simple steps in Turkey. These steps are as follows:

Arm lift cosmetic surgery process in turkey, istanbul

Preliminary Preparations

After the initial consultation, the operation plans are created, and preparatory measures are taken accordingly. The first priority in the preparations is conducting various tests on the patient. These tests are performed to anticipate any potential situations the patient may experience during the surgery. Generally, these tests include blood tests, urine tests, and local anesthesia tests. After the tests, the preparations for the surgery are completed while considering the patient’s overall condition.

Step by Step to Healing

The most important phase after completing the arm lift procedure is the recovery process. Extra caution is required during this period. Unless the patient experiences any additional health issues, they are discharged from the hospital after one night. The recovery period following discharge generally lasts for 10-12 days. During this time, the patient can comfortably return to their social life. However, a complete recovery and observation of final results require a period of 4-6 weeks.

Are You a Good Candidate For Brachioplasty Surgery

The excess fat and sagging skin appearance can sometimes cause negative psychological effects on individuals. That is why many people often choose to undergo arm lift surgery. To determine if you are a suitable candidate for arm lift surgery, it would be more appropriate to answer the following questions:

  • Does the sagging skin appearance in your arm area make you feel uncomfortable?
  • Do the excess fats in your arms contribute to the formation of your aesthetic concerns?
  • Do you desire a tighter and firmer appearance in your arms?

If you answered “yes” to two out of these three questions, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for brachioplasty surgery. If you would like to obtain more detailed and comprehensive information about the brachioplasty procedure and determine if you are the right candidate for arm lift surgery, you can contact us to receive information.

Are you a good candidate for brachioplasty surgery

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Brachioplasty in turkey

I am quite uncomfortable with the sagging skin on my arms, but I don’t want to undergo a difficult surgery.

Sagging arm appearance due to age or genetic reasons is a condition that bothers many of us. To permanently get rid of this condition, you can choose arm lift surgery. With arm lift surgery, you can quickly eliminate the sagging skin appearance and achieve a tighter and firmer look. This mentioned procedure is actually a relatively easy process and allows for a fast recovery.

Brachioplasty cost in turkey

I want to get rid of the excess fat in my arm area quickly and effectively.

Getting rid of the fat in the arm area through sports or other activities can be quite difficult and time-consuming. Instead, you can opt for the shorter and easier procedure of Brachioplasty. With Brachioplasty, you can have a tighter arm structure in a very short time and with minimal effort.

Arm lift cost of turkey

I’m afraid that weight fluctuations will affect the results of the arm lift surgery.

Weight fluctuations can indeed affect the results of the arm lift surgery. However, there is no need to worry about this. By following the recommended dietary regimen from your doctor, you can eliminate the issue of weight fluctuations. This way, the result of your arm lift surgery will not be affected.

Before and After Arm Lift Aesthetics Considerations

There are several important points to consider before and after arm lift aesthetics surgery. These points contribute to the positive outcome of the operation. Therefore, it is important to listen to your doctor’s advice before and after arm lift aesthetics.

Before & after arm lift surgery considerations

Before & After Arm Lift Surgery Considerations

Before arm lift surgery, strictly avoid smoking and alcohol. Additionally, under the supervision of your doctor, temporarily suspend the use of blood-thinning medications. This ensures proper blood flow during the surgery.

After arm lift surgery, avoid activities that strain or tire your arm. Exerting pressure on the surgical incisions can cause damage or rupture the stitches. Additionally, do not neglect using an arm support brace that allows your arm to rest. This device aids in arm rest and promotes faster healing of the procedure.

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Cost of Arm Lift in Turkey

Arm Lift Surgery cost in Turkey is quite affordable. The main reason for this is the significant support provided by the Ministry of Health for aesthetic surgeries. As a result of this support, arm lift aesthetic operations come at more reasonable prices. Additionally, Turkey’s advantageous exchange rates compared to other countries positively affect the arm lift prices in Turkey. Furthermore, another key reason for the lower cost of arm lift in Turkey is the competition that exists in the field of arm lift aesthetics.

When we look at the prices of arm lift surgery in Istanbul, we can see that they are more affordable compared to other city centers. Istanbul, which is advantageous in terms of arm lift aesthetics, offers easy accessibility in terms of transportation. In addition, successful and expert doctors work in aesthetic clinics in Istanbul for arm lift operations. For these reasons, you can choose Istanbul for arm lift aesthetics.

Arm Lift Prices in Turkey

Arm Lift Cost Turkey $2400- $2800
Arm Lift Cost Uk £6.500- £7.590
Arm Lift Cost Europe €7,900 – €8,400 
Arm Lift Cost USA $9.250- $10.000

Best Arm Lift Aesthetic Surgeon in Turkey

Many tourists flock to Turkey for aesthetic surgeries, and many of them specifically choose Turkey for arm lift surgery. For this reason, arm lift is a highly valued procedure in Turkey and is performed by successful surgeons. To choose the best surgeon among these professionals, attention should be paid to certain key points. For example, research whether the surgeons performing arm lift aesthetics have conducted significant work in this field both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it is important to consider whether they have participated in seminars and associations abroad related to Brachioplasty. Global seminars and associations provide up-to-date techniques and knowledge in arm lift procedures. Surgeons who possess such information can help you achieve more successful results in your arm lift procedure.

By conducting an initial consultation with Süleyman Tas, one of Turkey’s best arm lift aesthetic surgeons, you can obtain flawless results in your Brachioplasty procedure.

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FAQ About Arm Lift in Istanbul

What is Brachioplasty?
Brachioplasty, also known as arm lift surgery, is a procedure performed to correct sagging areas and excess fat tissue in the arms. This procedure aims to make the arms appear tighter and more sculpted. It is commonly used to correct deformations caused by sagging skin and fat tissue in the arms due to weight loss or the aging process.

What is Brachioplasty?

How long does an Arm Lift Surgery take?
The duration of the arm lift procedure varies between 2 to 3 hours depending on the individual’s body structure.
Is Arm Lift Surgery Permanent?
Arm lift surgery is a permanent procedure. However, if rapid weight gain continues after the procedure, some changes may occur. Therefore, it is important to consider the instructions given by the plastic surgeon.
Is Turkey Safe for Arm Lift Surgery?
Arm lift procedures are among the safest procedures in Turkey. The plastic surgeons in Turkey are highly professional and experienced in this field, ensuring a safe process during the surgery.
How long do I need to stay in Turkey for Brachioplasty?
The length of stay in Turkey after Brachioplasty may vary from person to person. However, as a general guideline, a one-week period is ideal.
When can I return to my daily life after the procedure?
The return to daily life after arm lift surgery depends on the individual. However, for complete recovery, the process typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks.
What type of anesthesia is used in Arm Lift Aesthetics?
General anesthesia is generally used for arm lift procedures.
Will there be scars after Arm Lift Aesthetics?

The formation of scars after arm lift aesthetics depends on the regular care and attention paid by the patient. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions and take proper care of the operated area to prevent scar formation.


Faq about arm lift in istanbul
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