What Makes a Natural Nose Surgery?

One of the most common issues for people who want to have a nose surgery is whether their noses will have a natural appearance after the nose surgery. In today’s blog we will be answering the question “What is Natural Nose?, “What Makes a Natural Nose Surgery?” and “Closed Atraumatic Technique for Natural Nose Surgery” for those who would like to have a nose surgery.

What is Natural Nose?

The natural nose is a concept that is suitable for each patient’s face, varies from individual to individual, functionally perfect and heals faster after the operation. In order to reach the natural nose after nose surgery, criterias such as symmetry, ratio, harmony and function should be fulfilled. In this way, natural looking nose for the patient can be achieved via natural nose surgery.

  • Suitable With the Face
  • Customized
  • Functional
  • Heals Faster After Nose Surgery
What Makes a Natural Nose Surgery? 

We have stated that the concept of natural nose surgery will vary from patient to patient due to both the patient’s desires and the physical contours of the face. Natural nose surgery is possible for every person. For natural nose job, first you must choose an aesthetic surgeon whom you can trust and who has proven his success in this field. After making the right choice, the things to be done in the way of natural nose job are determined by your plastic surgeon according to your expectations. The issues that your aesthetic surgeon will pay attention to for natural nose surgery include compatibility with your facial features, nose wings are not too wide, nose tip and bridge of the nose are harmonious with each other. Here are the details that have to be considered for natural nose surgery:

  • Symmetry: The nose is an organ located in the middle part of the face. When the face is considered as 3 equal parts including the canthus and lip line, the nose, which is compatible and proportional with the resulting parts, becomes the natural nose.
  • Golden Ratio: It is very important to catch the golden ratio in rhinoplasty for natural looking nose. As a matter of fact, the sculptors of the Renaissance period used the golden ratio formula when creating their sculptures. At the point we have reached today, the golden ratio has gained great importance in rhinoplasty.
  • Harmonization: Since a nose is a 3 dimensional structure all parts should be harmonized with each other. In addition, it should be shaped to suit everyone’s unique facial features.
  • Front View: The nose is the most prominent part of the face. Therefore, one of the conditions that must be met in order to have natural rhinoplasty is to adjust the appearance of the nose from the front view correctly and proportionally.
  • Functional: It is very important to breath very well. Nose breathing is beneficial, because it warms, moistens and filters the air. With nose breathing, it is possible to take more oxygen than mouth breathing.
  • Faster Healing: In natural nose surgery, when the swelling subsides after the operation and the nose shape is settled, the person will never find his nose strange. People with thick-skinned noses may take a little longer to heal than thin-skinned noses.
Closed Atraumatic Technique for Natural Nose Surgery

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS prefers Closed Atraumatic Technique, as the healing process is faster than open technique nose surgery. The main advantages of Closed Atraumatic Technique are as follows:

  • In nose surgeries performed with Closed Atraumatic Technique, there is no scar as the tip of the nose is not cut.
  • Since the pitanguy ligament located behind the nose tip skin is not excised, there is no drooping in the tip of the nose.
  • After the nose surgery performed with Closed Atraumatic Technique, flexibility ability and softness on the tip of the nose are preserved.
  • When the nose surgery is performed with this technique, the numbness in the nose is less after the operation because the number of nerves cut is less.
  • Nose tip is better supported thanks to Closed Atraumatic Technique nose surgeries.
  • The swelling that may occur after nose surgery is minimized by this technique.
Before and After Natural Nose Surgery

Perhaps the biggest indication that it is a natural rhinoplasty is the comments of the people you meet after the rhinoplasty. Imagine that you met a new person who complimented on your nose after the nose surgery. If this person does not ask if your nose is operated, you may be assured that you had undergone a natural nose surgery. However, it is important to remind you that it takes a certain period of time for the structure of your nose to settle during recovery after rhinoplasty, since the significant nose swellings subside approximately two months after the splint is removed.

We have come to the end of our blog post. We hope it has been a useful content for you. TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is here for those who want to have a natural nose surgery and are looking for the best rhinoplasty doctor. If you have any questions about natural rhinoplasty prices or any other topic, you can contact us on +90 543 456 36 93.


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