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Tips for a Fast Recovery After Septoplasty

Tips for a fast recovery after septoplasty

A septoplasty is a good solution for someone who has nasal problems due to a curved septum. In a quick and outpatient procedure, the nasal wall is repaired for a cleaner and faster air passage and the health of the sinuses.

What is Septoplasty Surgery?

Septoplasty is a surgical operation used to correct a curved and malformed septum (the anatomical structure that divides the nose into two compartments). After septoplasty surgery, there is better airflow in the nose and breathing becomes easier. Septoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure. Therefore, you can often be discharged on the same day.

Why is Deviated Septum Surgery Performed?

Deviated septum, which can be defined as an anatomical disorder, can cause other problems as well as make breathing difficult. Some of the problems caused by deviated septum are listed below:

  • Sleep disorders caused by breathing problems
  • Dry mouth
  • Infection of the throat
  • Snoring
  • The habit of mouth breathing
  • Chronic nasal congestion

While these problems can lead to various disorders in the long term (mouth problems, etc.), they also cause a serious decrease in the quality of life.

How To Recognize Septum Deviation?

In some cases, septal displacements may not be easily recognized. In these cases, a deviated septum can negatively affect your quality of life for a long time. However, some septal deformities can cause the following symptoms, which can help you to identify the problem.

Symptoms of Deviated Septum

  • Congestion in the nasal tunnels
  • Discharge, obstructed state, often single-channel obstruction
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Frequent sinusitis discomfort
  • Pain in the face
  • Headache
  • Nasal discharge
  • Audible breathing observed in infants and young children

 What are the Advantages of Septoplasty?

Septoplasty improves the airflow in the nasal passages. The advantages of this improvement are as follows.

  • Good Quality Breathing: as a result of the opening of the nasal passages, the breathing function is greatly improved
  • Better Sleep Quality: In addition to facilitating daytime breathing, septal curvature treatment improves sleep quality by reducing snoring and/or sleep apnoea.
  • Less Sinus Infection: The opening of the nasal airways allows mucus to drain normally from the sinuses, which were previously narrowed or partially blocked.
  • Enhanced Senses: As a result of deviated septum surgery, the senses of smell and taste may improve.

The healing process after septoplasty can be accelerated by paying attention to some points.

Tips to speed up the recovery period after septoplasty surgery

1. Avoid Sports and Strenuous Activities

Take a break from your regular sports life and similar strenuous activities until your doctor’s approval; swelling, bleeding, etc., will accelerate your recovery after septoplasty by preventing complications.

2. Stay Away From Spicy and Hot Foods

Spicy foods can irritate your nose and cause fluid to accumulate in the area. This causes swelling in your nose and slows down the healing speed. By avoiding spicy foods, you can prevent possible complications and speed up your recovery time after septoplasty.

3. Do Not Neglect a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is as important after septoplasty as it is in every aspect of our lives. Eating meals that are strong in fiber, protein, and beneficial nutrients is an excellent way to speed recovery and minimize stress on your body.

4. Keep Your Head High

Positioning your head higher than your heart level is critical after septoplasty surgery (especially in the first days). A lower head level may cause your nose to bleed. You can provide support with a few cushions under your head while lying down to prevent leakage that may occur.

Stay in an upright position with your head over your heart. This is especially critical during the first few days. If your head falls below your heart, blood will rush to your face and cause your nose to enlarge and bleed. Elevate your head with a few cushions when lying down to prevent leakage.

5. Keep Your Body Moisturised

6. Avoid Alcohol Consumption

After septoplasty surgery, your body makes an extra effort to heal and repair itself. Alcohol use slows down your healing process by reacting with the medicines you use after the operation and causes your body to be extra tired.

7. Balance Your Life Routine

It is very important to make some changes that affect your daily life after septoplasty. At the beginning of these changes, you should reduce your daily tension and relax your mind. In addition, not lifting heavy objects and taking care to get plenty of rest will also affect your process.

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