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90° tas® video | rhinoplasty before and after videos

90° TAS® Video | Rhinoplasty Before and After Videos

In this blog, you will find 90° TAS® Video concept which represents Rhinoplasty Before and After Videos. All cases shows different period of the nose surgery with perfect transparency, the confidence, knowledge and skills of  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS.

Since the nose is a three dimensional (3D) structure, being able to see and evaluate a nose from all angles is essential which becomes possible with such an innovative approach as 90° TAS® Video. Furthermore, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS gives great importance in teaching and sharing his knowledge with the patients and doctors as well, thus performs Live Broadcasts right after the surgery. 90° TAS® Videos are demonstrated at various post op periods with the detailed descriptions of the addressed nasal deformities.

Case 1 (Before and 7 Days After):
Here is an amazing example of a reduction rhinoplasty.  A long and deviated nose not proportional to her face and bulbous tip ended up with an aesthetically pleasant and compatible with her facial features nose.

Live broadcast right after the surgery:

Case 2 (Before and 5 Months After):
In this case a deviated nose, dorsal hump, droopy tip and wide nose have been treated by the Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty beyond the current knowledge.

Case 3 (Before and 7 Days After):
Here is the treatment of the dorsal hump, droopy tip, wide nose dorsum and base (with a thick skin and oily skin) by the Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty which protects the anatomy, strengthens weak parts and prevents tissue damage. A perfect example of tip refinement from boxy to the defined tip.

Live broadcast right after the surgery:

Case 4 (Before and 7 Days After):
A perfect example of a patient in advanced ages which is a challenging case due to the loss of the cartilage elasticity ability, huge skin laxity and wrinkles related to the aging process. Here is a treatment of a deviation and bulbous tip, long nose, droopy tip, hump and nostril asymmetries.

Case 5 (Before and 2 Months After):
Here is an extreme example of a reduction rhinoplasty for a thick skinned patient performed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS. A deviation has been aligned, dorsal hump removed, droopy tip eliminated and bulbous tip reduced and refined. Excessive skin has been excellently addressed in this example.

Case 6 (Before and 1 Year After):
Here is a result like a poem of a patient with thick skin. Overall reduction, dorsal hump removal and tip refinement has been performed with Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty.

Case 7 (Before and 2 Months After):
This is a live surgery case performed on the Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty Course that was organised on 16-17 November 2019. Over 350 plastic surgeons all over the world have been witnessing the instant transformation of this patient. Breathing issues, dorsal hump, asymmetric nostrils and deviation have been treated at once by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS.

Case 8 (Before and 2 Months After):
Here is a treatment of the deviation starting from the radix, dorsal hump removal, droopy and wide tip when smiling which is one of the common complaints among the patients considering rhinoplasty.

Case 9 (Before and 8 Months After):
A perfect visibility of a revision rhinoplasty results with a rib cartilage usage. Deviation, uneven nostrils, wide nose have been treated and the tip refined by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS.

Case 10 (Before and 7 days After):
The patient had a closed rhinoplasty previously from another doctor and was complaining of the hump, droopy tip, breathing issues and crooked nose deformities. Here a totally presentable look demonstrated on the 7th day post operation.

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