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Rhinoplasty experience

Rhinoplasty Experience

In this blog, you will find rhinoplasty experience step by step with detailed description performed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS with the Closed Atraumatic Technique. Thanks to this technique whole interventions are applied through the nostrils without cutting the tip of your nose, with respect to each tissue and ligament, consequently zero bruising and less swelling with a fast recovery.

During Rhinoplasty: First of all, the surgery will take in average 2-3 hours depending on the severity of the case under general anesthesia administered by the accredited anesthesiologist of the hospital. At the end of the surgery you will be applied a thermoplastic cast and modern silicon tampons in order to stabilise your nose both externally and internally. After being observed in a recovery room for about 30 minutes you will be transferred to your room. You will stay overnight in the hospital under observation, that night you might have some bleeding and leaking which will be significantly less the following days.

48 Hours After Rhinoplasty: First 48 hours after the surgery swelling will reach the maximum level and starts subsiding from the 3rd day. You need to be ready for limited breathing and getting to know breathing through your mouth.  You will be using certain medications and cleaning your nose twice a day.  On the 4th post op day you will be invited to the TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic for check up and will be given a special device to reduce the swelling until the cast removal day. It is a proven treatment which is described in details in Dr. TAS’s publication.

7 Days After Rhinoplasty: In average 7 days after discharging your cast and silicon tampons will be removed which is a totally painless procedure. After this procedure you will feel relief and start breathing through your nose. On the cast removal day almost all patients have a presentable look with zero bruising and minimal swelling and the most important thing a natural look as if you were born with that nose. When you will see your nose first time in the mirror you will see a beautiful nose but may feel strange as for your subconsious it is something new. So, now you are breathing freely and returning home as a completely new person with the rhinoplasty experience. People around will keep guessing what has been changed on your face?

Rinoplasti öncesi sonrası Rinoplasti öncesi sonrası Rinoplasti öncesi sonrası Rinoplasti öncesi sonrası

2 Months After Rhinoplasty: After two months the significant amount of swelling will subside and you will be able to see the midterm results as you will be massaging your nose by special techniques which speed up the recovery process. For thick skinned patients the swelling on the upper side of the nose will resolve and come down by the gravity and will be mainly concentrated on the tip of the nose. Since it is made of soft tissues it will recover the latest. The tip settles over time into its final position.

Rhinoplasty experience Rhinoplasty experience Rhinoplasty experience Rhinoplasty experience

1 Year After Rhinoplasty: Nasal structures keep being dynamic and changing throughout the healing process as the swelling doesn’t subside symmetrically. At least after one year you will be able to achieve the final results, if you have a thin skin even earlier than that. Finally your nose, your face, your confidence, your life will be upgraded to the brand new level thanks to the nose surgery done by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS. For better rhinoplasty experience, the patient should be in touch with the plastic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty experience Rhinoplasty experience Rhinoplasty experience Rhinoplasty experience

To find out more about Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty and Reviews of the patients operated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. TAS please click on the subject.


Rhinoplasty Experience Videos for a Rhinoplasty with Dr TAS


Is there scarring after a rhinoplasty (nose job)?

Is There Scarring After a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

The most common question, from the patients who want to have a rhinoplasty, is if there will be any scar after rhinoplasty. Nose jobs can be done with many different methods and techniques. Basically;

  1. Rhinoplasty with Open Technique
  2. Rhinoplasty with Closed Technique


Rhinoplasty with Open Technique

With open technique, a bridging incision was created and the nasal skin is folded upward to execute the operation. After the operation, there will be a scar on the tip of the nose due to this cut. There are some interventions due to minimize the scar;

  • Use medicines regularly given by your doctor after the operation
  • Protect your nose skin from the sun

Despite all these precautions, unfortunately a treatment that completely prevents the scar is not available.

Rhinoplasty with Closed Technique

With closed technique, there is no incision on the nose or on the pitanguy ligament. All surgical incisions are positioned inside the nostrils with no external scar. Since there is no incision on the nose, the healing process is much faster than the open technique. All tissues, nerves, and veins are preserved with the closed technique. So, the nose continues to be fed from the protected tissues after the surgery and this makes the patient have more comfortable time. There are no stitches, because there is no external incision, and there is no mark because there is no stitch. You can think “How this is possible?” With the experience and expertise of the surgeon, you can have the most natural, most compatible and no scarring rhinoplasty process.

Is there scarring after a rhinoplasty (nose job)? Rhinoplasty before and after hump treatment Is there scarring after a rhinoplasty (nose job)? Is there scarring after a rhinoplasty (nose job)?


In Which Season a Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Can Be Performed?

The used technique in a rhinoplasty or nose job is an important influencer.

In the open technique, the incision, made on the nose, creates a permanent scar because of the sun. Many surgeons who prefer open technique do not prefer to perform a rhinoplasty during the summer.

In the closed technique, there is no scar because there is no external incision. So, the sun cannot cause a problem after the surgery. With closed technique, the operation can be performed in summer or winter.

When is the Most Optimum Time for a Rhinoplasty?

The most optimum time is when the patient can save a quality time to rest after the operation. During this quality time, the patient will focus on the healing process and complete this process faster.

Top 10 myths about rhinoplasty

Top 10 Myths about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is a painful process

False. The first myth is about rhinoplasty is that this process is very painful. Sensitivity varies from patient to patient in line with the pain threshold. However, even if you are very sensitive to pain, the pain can be managed and tolerated.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is not an option for airway obstruction repair

False. First, we check our patients’ airways during the detailed examination to see if there is any breathing problem. Later we do a simulation to consider the esthetics look. By this way, we can ensure both a healthy breathing and a beautiful look.


After rhinoplasty, splint removal is a painful process

False. Splint removing is not a painful process. After rhinoplasty, the splint is put on the nose with the help of strong adhesives. When removing the splint there is no pain or ache. If there is an intervention to airways, we use new generation tampons which are silicone and compatible with the shape of the nose. So, it prevents you from feeling pain.


Rhinoplasty is for all age groups

False. Rhinoplasty is not for all age groups. It is based development of bone and gender. It is necessary to complete the age of 17 for females and 18 for males. There is no upper age limit. However, we do not recommend rhinoplasty to patients over 40 years old, because we may see other health problems in this group.


Rhinoplasty (Nose job) can be performed to everyone

False. Rhinoplasty cannot be performed to everyone. The health status of the patient is very important. If there is an important disease or any concern, this should be concerned. Smoking is a negative factor in this process. We advise a surgery after stop smoking.


It is not safe to have rhinoplasty while breastfeeding

False. Rhinoplasty can be performed to the patient who is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not a barrier to have this operation.


Rhinoplasty affect the loss of smell

False. There is no intervention in the olfactory zone during rhinoplasty. All surgical interventions take in the different zones. Therefore, there is no loss of smell after rhinoplasty. However, this condition can be experienced for some time due to swelling and edema after the operation. It should not be forgotten that it is a temporary situation.


Patient relatives can be in the operation room during the surgery

False. It is not appropriate for the relatives of the patients to enter the operating room due to hygiene and sterilization rules.


Nose aesthetic surgery changes smiling

False. There is no permanent change in smiling after nose aesthetic surgery. You cannot command your laughing muscles because of the swelling and edema that may occur after the surgery. So, you can say that I do not smile like used to be until swelling edema gone. However, this situation is temporary.


Nose tip drops after nose aesthetic surgery

False. Choosing a Doctor for your nose aesthetic surgery is very important. With experienced and master hands, you do not experience nose tip dropping.

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