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Prominent Ear Surgery Process in Turkey

Prominent ear surgery process in turkey

Prominent ear deformity is an aspect which affects the psychology of the children starting from the childhood. At school or in the park the kids are being teased by other kids due to their different appearance which causes self-confidence problems. Specialists advise undergoing the prominent ear surgery before the school age. The surgical process for the kids passes easier and the cartilages are reshaped in a better way. In this article we are going to talk about Prominent Ear Surgery Process in Turkey.


Before the Prominent Ear Surgery

Before undergoing a surgery those who want to have a surgery and their parents should make a detailed research. The choice of a doctor has an impact on a whole process. Looking at before and after pictures of the previous patients may give you an idea. After deciding on the doctor you need to go for a physical examination to get a professional opinion and make a determined decision. During your detailed examination you need to express clearly your complaints and expectations from this surgery. When you feel confident about your doctor and have a proper communication with him/her you may plan your surgery. During your planning process the details of the surgery, type of the anesthesia, day and the exact hour is determined. There are tests need to be done prior to the surgery. If you have any diseases or using any medication you must inform your doctor about it during the planning process.

Any kind of blood thinning medications shouldn’t be used at least 10 days before the surgery. Alcohol consumption should be stopped 10 days before as well. You need to avoid the foods and herbs that have a blood thinning effect.


Surgery Day

You need to be on time in the hospital for your prominent ear surgery as has been planned previously. If it will be under local anesthesia you may have a light breakfast. If it will be under general anesthesia you shouldn’t be eating anything 8 hours before your surgery. At the planned time of your surgery you will be transferred to the operating room with the help of the nurses. When you will see your doctor in the operating room you will feel relieved and your anxiety will decrease. The surgery lasts about 1 hour. At the end of the operation to protect the shape given during the surgery, and reduce the swelling you will be wearing a bandage. When you go to your room you may not feel any pain due to the given medications. For the surgeries performed under local anesthesia, you may start eating once you reach your room, and may discharge after 3-4 hours of observation. For the surgeries performed under general anesthesia you shouldn’t be eating and drinking anything at least 4 hours after the surgery, and might need to stay overnight in the hospital upon the request of your doctor.

Prominent ear surgery process in turkey

After the Surgery

After being discharged from the hospital

  • After the operation, the bandage should be worn for 3 days without taking it off.
  • Ears and bandage should not be wet for 3 days. You may wash your body below the neck.
  • After 3 days, the bandage can be removed and a shower can be taken.
  • You should use the drugs given by your doctor according to the time.
  • You should take care of your nutrition after surgery, and avoid excessive salty foods. You should pay attention to consume much water.
  • You should stay away from cigarettes, hookahs and tobacco products; you should not be in the environments used.
  • You should avoid blows, pulling and opening movements. Blows in the ear may cause the shape to be distorted.
  • If your doctor gives permission, you can use glasses after about 2 months.

Prominent ear surgery process in turkey

In this article, we have explained to you the prominent ear surgery process. You can contact us to get more information about prominent ear surgery and to book an appointment at TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.


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