Most Frequently Asked 10 Questions about Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Most frequently asked 10 questions about rhinoplasty (nose job)

1. What is Closed Rhinoplasty Technique?

Rhinoplasty can be performed with a closed or open technique. While there is a cut in open rhinoplasty technique, there is no cut in closed rhinoplasty technique and the whole operation is performed within the nose. Since there is no cut on the nose, there are no scars or stitches. With closed technique, we protect the nerve, ligament, vascular tissue at nose tip so, nose blood vessels and nose’s flexibility ability is not deteriorated. With the closed and atraumatic technique, we aim to get the most natural results by giving least damage to the nose.

2. I want to have a rhinoplasty, but I have a problem of breathing. Are you intervening in the airway?

It is important to have a nose that matches your face with golden ratios after rhinoplasty. But if there is a functional deficiency, your beautiful nose will be missing. Therefore, before your nose surgery, we determine if there is an airway problem by evaluating the nose with our endoscopy device before visual beauty during detailed examination. During your nose surgery, first, we solve your airway problems and then aesthetic concerns. We address both concerns without needing another doctor.

3. In which hospitals do you perform surgeries?

We perform our surgeries in the hospitals we deal with. We have an agreement with American Hospital and Acıbadem Fulya Hospital.

4. How long do I need to stay at the hospital?

After the operation, we want you to stay 1 night under observation at the hospital. The next day, you will be discharged.

5. Do you perform rhinoplasty with local or general anesthesia?

We prefer to perform rhinoplasty (nose Job) under general anesthesia.

6. When do you remove the splint and bandages?

1 week later, we remove the splint and bandages at our clinic.

7. How long after can I return my social life?

The day we remove the splints and bandages you can continue from where you have left your social life. We advise you to get quality rest for a good healing process until splint and bandages are removed.

8. After rhinoplasty, how long does the recovery process take?

The time you need to take care of is 2 months after split removal day. It is strictly forbidden to have any trauma during this process. When you come for the 2nd month control, your nose will be about to finish the healing process. However, the complete recovery will take 1 year.

9. I do smoke. Is it a barrier for rhinoplasty?

Smoking is not a barrier for your nose surgery. However, it prevents the healing process after the operation. For this reason, the patients who smoke should quit smoking at least 6 months before the surgery and never smoke after the operation.

10. Do you perform surgery abroad or out of Istanbul?

Our clinic is in Istanbul. We do detailed examinations in our clinic and perform surgeries at the hospitals we deal with. We do not even go to a hospital that we don’t have any deal. Because, this is an operation that requires great care. So, we are performing surgeries in specific hospitals where we can display full concentration, create a dedicated team, and not face with any surprises.


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