Loss of Smell After Rhinoplasty?

Loss of smell after rhinoplasty?

Patients, who are planning to have a rhinoplasty, may have many questions in their mind. One of these questions is “Will there be a loss of smell after rhinoplasty? With this article your question will be adressed by Suleyman TAS, MD, Assoc.Prof.. Hope that you will have a usufel and informative article.

Let’s start by giving the straightforward answer. Yes, there may be a loss of smell after rhinoplasty. However, this situation is not permanent. After rhinoplasty, new generation silicone splints are placed into the nose. There are holes on these splints that enable patient to breathe just after the rhinoplasty. However, the holes may be blocked by the nose leaking fluids and this may cause temporary loss of smell. After removing the splints, the patient will gain sense of smelling back. With very low probability, loss of smell can be permanent. In this case, choosing the right plastic surgeon is extremely important.


How to choose the plastic surgeon to have a rhinoplasty?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if the patient choose the right plastic surgeon for the rhinoplasty, loss of smell risk after the rhinoplasty will be eliminated. Tips for choosing the right plastic surgeon who you can trust and feel free to have an operation;

  • Having a proven track record in the plastic surgery
  • Considering both the aesthetics and function for the rhinoplasty
  • Using techniques which will not affect sense of smell
  • Ensuring Follow-up care after the rhinoplasty


Even some patients, who have not had a rhinoplasty, may not have enough sense of smell skills and not aware of this situation. In our clinic, TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, after our detailed examinations it is seen that patients can get better breath and smell. In line patients’ request, health concerns can be adressed in addition to the aesthetic concerns. If you are sleeping with an open mouth, having a dry throat, catching flu frequently, and waking up tired, you may have sense of smell problems that not aware of it.

Please feel free to contact us and get more information about rhinoplasty. You may reach “TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic” via +90 532 056 3693.


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