How to Choose the Right Size of Breast Implant?

How to choose the right size of breast implant?

Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure that is applied to people who have small, empty breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy, or whose breasts have to be removed due to any disease. The aim is to create the desired breast structure with silicone breast implant and achieve fuller and perkier breast structures. So, how to choose the right size of breast implant? In this article we will be answering this question.

How to choose the right size of breast implant?

The most difficult part for women who want to have a breast implant after deciding is the dimensions of the prosthesis. First of all, research should be started to find the best physician. After finding the right physician, detailed examination is very important. After your examination, your physician will listen to you and offer implant sizes suitable for your body structure. He/she will ask you to try the tester prostheses and the decision-making phase will begin.

What to Consider When Choosing Breast Implant

  • Body structure of the person who wants to have breast augmentation surgery
  • The quality of your skin
  • Size and diameter of the rib cage
  • Sagginess in the existing breast structure

All these items are the criteria to help determine the size and dimensions of the prosthesis to be selected. These criteria will be determined by your physician who will perform your breast augmentation surgery. However, you are the criterion that has the biggest impact which is not mentioned above. You must know very well what you want, what you expect, what kind of breast structure you want. And you should express yourself very well to your doctor. Although your doctor will give you suggestions about implant sizes, it is you, who will determine the implant dimensions.

What to consider when deciding the breast implant dimensions? What should you pay attention to?

It will not be enough to see and touch implant dimensions from the outside. It is necessary to live with it for several days to see how it fits under the clothes, to see if it bothers you while sleeping at night. For example, if you like to sleep on your face while sleeping at night, very large prostheses will not be suitable for you. It is not possible to take test prostheses and spend a few days with them. However, you can experiment at home by applying the rice test. In this way, you will understand what you want much better and you will make the right decision with your doctor.

How to do the rice test?

Fill 200 g of rice in a clean sock at home. Tie the sock and place this rice ball inside your bra. You can think of it as 200 gr rice = 200 cc breast prosthesis. If it is less, continue increasing the weight of the rice by 20 g, 30 g or 50 g. It will give the closest result for you to have the image you want by increasing the weight little by little. Note how many grams of rice you like when you put inside your bra and share it with your doctor. Your doctor will then decide on details such as the base diameter, height, and profile of the prosthesis. After everything is completed, surgery planning can be performed.

Bra Selection after Breast Augmentation

Bra selection is important for the person who had breast augmentation surgery. Even those who do not have a breast augmentation surgery can choose the wrong bra; while those who have had breast prosthesis surgery can make even more wrong choices. The ideal bra is determined by the person’s size and cup measurements. The size part is the measure of your chest structure that covers your back. Cup is the measure of the area covered by the breast area. After determining the ideal size and cup size, bras with a cup size of 1 size larger should be preferred in people with prosthetic surgery. The reason is that the width of the breast with prosthetic surgery is slightly larger than other breasts.

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