Are Breast Implants Safe?

Are breast implants safe?

“Are breast implants (prosthesis) safe?”  is one of the questions wondered by many patient considering to have breast augmentation surgery. We wanted to enlighten this issue and prepared this article for you.

Are breast implants safe?

The safety of implants (prosthesis) designed for breast augmentation is extremely important. Your physician can help determine the type and size of prosthesis suitable for you; however prosthesis isn’t produced by the physician. The company that produces the prosthesis is very important here. In other words, companies and products under the counter should not be preferred.

  • The reliability of the company,
  • FDA approval accepted worldwide
  • Have been working for years
  • Experience,
  • Designing products by responding positively to expectations and requests,
  • It performs production in accordance with sterile conditions,
  • Being open to innovations
  • Having a wide product range

The features we listed above are the features that a good prosthesis company should have. Implants produced by the company with these features are safe. Your physician is obliged to choose the implants suitable for your body structure and wishes and the safest brand for you.

Does Breast Implant Make Cancer?

Breast implant used from a reliable brand does not carry cancer risk. There are many statements that breast prostheses cause breast cancer. However, these are claims that have not yet been proven. Breast implant products produced with the state of the art technologies don’t cause harm to the human’s health.  It is not necessary to change it again after a certain period of time. However, breast prostheses used 20-30 years ago could not be produced at the current safety level due to the technology of that period. And it had to be replaced after a certain time. Using these old type prostheses and not changing them in time can threaten human health and cause feared diseases. Currently used prostheses are designed to stay in the body throughout the life. Therefore, it does not need to be replaced after 10 years or 20 years.

Does Allergy Occur Against Breast Implants?

Silicone material used in breast implants is found in many materials we use in daily life. Deodorants, soaps, hand creams, sunscreens, processed foods, chewing gum and many more products contain silicone. Silicon is the substance that causes the least allergic reaction in the body. This is one of the main reasons why it is used and preferred in the production of the breast implants. Of course, allergy to silicone is seen rarely. If you have an allergic body and have active allergies at the moment, you should definitely share this with your doctor. If your allergy is at a level that can be kept under control, there will be no fear. However, if your allergy is at a high level, your doctor will not approve your surgery for your health. The high level of allergy can react not only to the breast prosthesis, but also to the anesthetic drugs that will be used in surgery or to the drugs that will be used afterwards, and this may risk your health.

How long do breast implants last?

The breast implants used today is designed to last lifetime. In fact, the reason that these breast prostheses last lifetime is that the lifetime of the implants is much longer than human lifetime. Therefore, it does not need to be changed after 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or 30 years. However, since the breast prostheses used many years ago do not last a lifetime, they should be changed after the expiration with your doctor’s recommendation. Otherwise, it may threaten your health.

Even if your breast implants last life-long, you may need to have breast surgery in some cases. This situation is not due to the prosthesis. With the influence of time, aging begins and the skin loses its elasticity. Sagging may occur due to the gravity. When this situation becomes unbearable, it can be addressed by the surgical intervention.

Are breast implants safe?

This is the end of our blog post about the safety of the breast implants. If you have any questions about this topic or Breast Aesthetic surgery in general you can contact us on +90 543 456 36 93.

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